"I will help you build a bulletproof mindset in order for you to achieve your lifelong fat loss goals"

WHY did I create Live Better? :

Mindset is something everyone struggles with and I believe fitness can help this massively.

My purpose is to improve YOU so that everything you're involved in improves too.

HOW do I do this? :

We are so much more than just a training and diet plan

I'm here to educate you on how making small efforts in many areas of your life can make a huge difference

Self-Development is something not many people delve into, I want to show you how it can change your life

WHAT have I created? :

  • A structure for you to follow day by day to achieve your goals in the simplest way

  • Weekly Review of Progress to make sure you're doing the best you can every week

  • Lifelong Education through our Private Members Platform

  • A Community of like-minded peers to keep you accountable

  • 1-1 Accountability calls to keep you on track

All of this will ensure you have all the tools to be self-sufficent and successful in the future.




Why Choose Live Better?

I truly care.

Now I know that sounds like a daft thing to say but I can't stress it enough.

After spending a number of years in the industry and having countless conversations with clients I know that a lot of you are made to feel like you're just a number

A training plan, maybe sometimes some nutrition, and that's it you get left to your own devices with no support or being checked up on.

This leaves you feeling stupid for the way you feel or some of the questions you ask and then you never end up getting the results you deserve.

The other big problem, is you don't actually know why you're doing things?

I've always said anyone can follow a set of instructions and get the results...it's not hard.

But truly understanding the why behind what you're doing will be the deciding factor in whether you can get the results and most importantly keep it off

...that's what we all want right?

My purpose as your coach is to teach you everything you need to know within the realms of Training, Nutrition and Mindset

Self-Development is the key pillar behind my why and I will make sure to open your eyes to it and show you how it will help you achieve your fat loss goals

I'm not just a "PT"

I can be your Coach.

and I can promise you that you can count on me to help you achieve your goals.

Who Do We Help?

Do you find yourself constantly saying "Diet Starts Monday"?

Haven't got a clue what a calorie is let alone a macro?

Have spent the last few years not confident in yourself during social events or just even when shopping for new clothes?

Are you someone who's open to being challenged and wants to improve?

If you answered YES to even one of those then you may just be the perfect fit for our team.

We are looking for individuals to come be a part of our amazing community to support each other in achieving fat loss and becoming better versions of themselves.

What this is NOT

❌ This is not a hold-your-hand plan, you will be required to be proactive and be able to follow instructions

❌ A quick-fix scheme. This is a complete lifestyle change and we will not achieve your end result in 2 weeks

❌ A place for egos. We don't need them and no one in the group has them

If none of these applies to you...GREAT! You will be a perfect match for us


How long does it last?

The minimum commitment is 3 months as this allows us a good amount of time to teach you all we can. We also want you to be committed to the process however you can stay as long as you wish! Some of the team have been here for over a year!

Do you need to be experienced in the gym?

Nope. We will teach you from whatever stage in your lifting career you are in, everything is tailored to be suited most closely to your needs.

How does the community work?

We are all in a group chat where we share our wins, recipes and daily tasks. We also have the members site which has the extra resources to ensure you become self-sufficient.

What kind of support do I receive throughout my time?

We have many forms of support during your time with us. This ranges from private messaging, Zoom calls, Phone calls, and Check-In Forms to ensure you have every area covered!

I'm on the fence what should I do?

We can jump on a free consultation call so we can go through the course and make sure it suits you! No obligation to sign up...click below to book!